About Hanti-Jire

Hanti-Jire is a professional leadership, strategy and accounting information systems consulting business.



To become the most respected leadership, strategic and accounting information systems center of excellence in the Horn of Africa.

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To enhance leadership, strategy and accounting information systems capabilities of businesses, organizations (governmental, non-governmental), individuals with practical and inspiring development programs. 

Our Core Values


We deliver all our services responsibly and deal our stakeholders with goodness.


We serve our clients openly and truthfully in all aspects of their requirements by delivering high quality services and keeping their business and personal secrets.


Always in the process of innovating services for our respected clients.


Down to earth but experienced and knowledgeable team.


Cooperating among us and with our clients is the major sign of our services.


Providing services that seem impossible to everyone!

How We Started & the New Direction


Hanti-Jire (meaning “resource safe-guarder”) was founded on December 2015 as an Accounting Firm. It was founded by newly graduated brilliant gentleman called Ali and senior executive with more than 10 years of experience in the field of management, accounting/finance and consulting named Abdalla.


After encountering problems from the accounting/finance systems we have developed, audit recommendations we made and training sessions we have done.  We tried to understand the reason why those problems? 

After a lot of thinking and extensive information gathering, we have discovered that leadership skills are not to the level required to run businesses and organizations effectively. Also, we found that there are no clear and written strategies for the businesses and organizations we have worked with. In addition to that we come to know that innovations are below the level it should have been! 

From there we have decided to transform our business into a leadership, strategy, innovations and accounting information systems development center to improve the capabilities of our communities/client’s personal, business, and organization wise so that they can gain focus and hit their envisioned targets.

Through out the years of its existence Hanti-Jire has become one of the most successful consulting firms by helping many businesses, organizations (governmental and non-governmental) and individuals become more systematic and modern. See what our clients said about us on the Home page. In doing so, we achieved to become a sample of trust and excellence in the consultation industry.

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